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May 5, 2008

Julio Franco: The Last of the RBI Baseball Greats

In what is now old news, Julio Franco has retired from professional baseball.

To fully illustrate just how long Julio Franco has been playing professionally, wrap your head around this: Donnie Moore, Kirby Puckett and Juan Uribe all appeared with Julio in RBI Baseball...and they're no longer of this earth.

He'll not only be remembered for his funky stance and ability to play while very, very old but for being the last active player from the first MLBPA-sanctioned video game. With Julio's retirement comes the end of an era.

NOTE: I realize Roger Clemens isn't technically retired and should be considered the last active RBI'er but he's in steroid/molester/douchebag limbo for the rest of time.

Here's to you Julio. I'll be sure and toast a Dos Equis Amber to you tonight while I immediately sub you in for pathetic Willie Randolph at the top of the order for the overrated A.L. All Star team.

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